Finance & Strategy

Finance is an embedded part of the business at all levels in all entities which provides significant insight in ECCO’s performance as well as responsibility for converting the knowledge to support for our decision-makers.

On corporate level, finance is organised in a supporting stream (business controlling, treasury, robotic etc.) and in a governance stream (tax, financial controlling, reporting, finance systems), where common approach is the high professional dedication to serve our colleagues at all decision levels with validated finance figures that add value to ECCO Group.

Value Chain

In Value Chain we operate across ECCO’s functional areas. Working across collection build, supply chains and markets gives a great insight in ECCO’s unique value chain. For the team in Value Chain this requires for us to be open minded, innovative and  team players where we share ideas and best practice.


It is strategic for ECCO to have an IT organisation which is deeply embedded in the business and this obligates IT to have a very high level of ECCO business insight and understanding, live the ECCO values and constantly focus on building trust with our business partners.
Focus is on the ball and the objective, and challenges (business and IT-wise) are overcome via open and equal terms collaboration leveraging our diversity (functional, cultural, etc.).

Group Corporate Responsibility

In ECCO, responsible behaviour is a cornerstone in running a healthy and efficient company. Also when it comes to corporate responsibility, we build our progress on cooperation and lead by example. We believe in respect for culture and religion, a workplace free of discrimination, the right for rest and leisure and to an honest and responsible workplace, in all our units.

Human Resources

A diverse business requires diverse teams. This is what unites us globally. We own the entire value chain from hide to high street and our human resources teams around the world are always on the outlook for the greatest talents within their field of expertise.