Finance & Strategy

Make our Business grow

Finance is an integral part of the business at all levels in all units which provides significant insight into ECCO’s performance as well as responsibility for converting the knowledge to support for our decision-makers.

On a corporate level, finance is organised in a supporting stream (business controlling, treasury, robotic etc) and in a governance stream (tax, financial controlling, reporting, finance systems), where the common approach is the high professional dedication to serving our colleagues at all decision levels with validated finance figures that add value to ECCO Group.

We strive for constantly educating and expanding competences to ensure that we match tomorrow’s challenges and needs.

We believe that truly understanding our partners is instrumental for effective support. Finance is a service organisation with all other parts of the organisation as partners. It is essential to listen, learn and understand the needs of our partners, and to provide tools and report templates that match needs and even exceed expectations.

Globally, finance and accounting in general is affected by ground-breaking technology development such as robotic, machine learning, data mining and many other tools which challenge traditional finance disciplines. ECCO Corporate Finance has an excellent chance of benefitting from implementing new technology where it makes sense, as this provides value-adding services for the business.

Consequently, focus is given to the education in, implementation and roll-out of new tools that increase the need for improving skills and recruiting highly skilled staff.

ECCO strives for a performance culture where business insight effectively supports decision-making. Corporate Finance provides support through effective tools and consultancies with the business based upon constant monitoring, analysis, challenging the figures as well as developing new tools for sharper and easier access to insight.

The major part of Corporate Finance is based in the Corporate HQ in Denmark. As the strategic business units are located in a number of countries, Corporate Finance has people located in countries such as The Netherlands, Portugal, USA, Singapore, India and China – this is in addition to local finance departments in our units across ECCO.