Group Corporate Responsibility

Make our Business grow
In ECCO, responsible behaviour is a cornerstone in running a healthy and efficient company. Also when it comes to corporate responsibility, we build our progress on cooperation and lead by example. We believe in respect for culture and religion, a workplace free of discrimination, the right for rest and leisure and to an honest and responsible workplace, in all our units. We set clear financial targets to ensure that ECCO remains a sustainable company capable of benefitting shareholders, employees, and the local communities where ECCO is active.
‘To know where we are heading, we need to know where we come from.‘ Our founder, Karl Toosbuy, set out the standards for responsible behaviour in the ECCO Code of Conduct in 1999, long before terms like Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability were trending. To this day, the ECCO Code of Conduct continues to set out clear principles and high ethical and legal standards in the areas of human rights, education, health and safety and environment. Built on a foundation of respect for people, the environment and society, the Code of Conduct outlines the core principles that govern how ECCO runs its business. 
We strive to provide a good working environment and safe working conditions for all employees. We offer our employees further training, education and new challenges to increase the satisfaction they get from their work. We make it a priority to understand and support the local communities in which ECCO is active. We are committed to reducing environmental pollution whenever possible, while meeting or exceeding the highest environmental standards set by the industry.
The ECCO Code of Conduct applies to all employees, suppliers and business partners worldwide. To ensure that our suppliers live up to ECCO’s requirements, we have trained auditors all over the world whose responsibility it is to carry out audits at our own business units and at our suppliers.
Group Corporate Responsibility is headquartered in Bredebro, Denmark.