Value Chain

Make our Business grow

In Value Chain we operate across ECCO’s functional areas. Working across collection build, supply chains and markets gives a great insight in ECCO’s unique value chain. For the team in Value Chain this requires us to be open-minded, innovative and team players where we share ideas and best practice.

We believe in team work and structure. This allows us to gain leverage from owning our entire value chain, in terms of quality, speed and efficiency.

One size does not fit all. That is also a fact in value chains. Hence we are in the process of sophisticating our supply chain solutions for various business customers, but more so also focusing on the consumer fulfilment.

Value Chain manages the balance between market requirements and production volumes on a rolling basis. We need to stay relevant towards our targeted consumers – hence constant adjustments of what is produced and where to send the shoes is a vital process in ECCO. With a gradually more dynamic market we need to adapt to changed consumer preferences and expectations of various services.

We are located in headquarters, Bredebro, Denmark, and have larger network of stakeholders across ECCO.