Make our Business grow

It is strategic for ECCO to have an IT organisation which is deeply embedded in the business and this obliges IT to have a high level of ECCO business insight and understanding, live the ECCO values and constantly focus on building trust with our business partners.
The objective and challenges (business and IT-wise) are overcome via open and equal term collaboration that leverages our diversity (functional, cultural, etc.).

In the IT organisation we actively invest in creating a great place to work – both in terms of education, on-the-job training, events, travel to support collaboration and also reflecting on our processes.

We believe that IT should be business-driven, with business defining the priorities and specifying the requirements and IT identifying the best solution fit. We also believe that it is essential to have an agile governance structure and planning process in order to follow and support the pace of the business.

We believe that it is essential to be in control of and be the master of ECCO’s destiny.

ECCO is facing a high level of digital investment, within retail and consumer engagement, within product development and manufacturing, within the wholesale area and how we work together internally.
We invest significantly in our infrastructure and application platforms to ensure a secure and strong foundation for the future.

With the pace of ECCO it is key to have a flexible IT partner, to ensure technology as one of the key drivers and an integral part of our business development.

With the overarching nature of IT and with “strive for focus and simplicity” as one of the ECCO strategy focus areas, it is crucial to focus on the full value chain complexity and the E2E implications when developing new business and IT solutions.

IT has 3 roles: 1) support and service provider, 2) solution enabler and 3) information security compliance guardian.

Our IT colleagues are clustered in a few globally spread hubs within a professional IT environment.

In Europe we centre activities in hubs in Bredebro (Denmark), Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Porto (Portugal). In Americas our hub is located in Londonderry, New Hampshire (USA). In Asia we are centered in Sidoarjo (Indonesia) and in Singapore. Our hubs are typically hosted by a regional sales headquarters or a production facility.