Make our Business grow

Group Legal & Risk is an integrated part of the business at all levels in all entities which provides insight in the Group business performance as well as responsibility for converting the knowledge as support for the decision makers.

We believe that understanding our partners is instrumental for effective guidance. Group Legal & Risk is a support and guidance function with all other parts of the organisation as colleagues. It is essential to listen, learn and understand the needs from our colleagues and to practically support the business.

Group Legal & Risk is part of the journey where the link to our consumers is changing, becoming more global, transparent and agile. Focus on compliance, innovation and digitalisation is therefore a demand that we are facing.

Our team only exists because we have ECCO consumers who are willing to buy our products. We therefore need to meet the demands from our consumers, support the business and at the same time protect ECCO as a company and as a brand. In order to do so we in our work need to act proactively to meet these demands while ensuring compliance and mitigating enterprise risks associated with our  business.

The major part of Group Legal & Risk is based in the Corporate HQ in Denmark. As the strategic business units are located in a number of countries, Group Legal & Risk has local functions and people in countries such as The Netherlands, Thailand, Indonesia and China.