Research & Development

R&D consists of a diverse team of shoe professionals and specialists, all focusing on contributing, within individual fields of expertise, to the creation of new generations of ECCO shoes. 


The design studio is a closely-knit team of creatives with expertise in shoe design, material development, styling and innovation. We collaborate closely with ECCO’s product teams to develop the best design-solutions for each of our consumer’s many wearing-moments across each of the brand’s global markets.


Our Golf team works together with design, research & development, marketing, PR, sponsorship and production, because we believe that constant dialogue and sparring is essential to produce the right products to keep our golfing consumers satisfied all over the world.


Our Kids team is located in Toender, Denmark and we work closely together with other departments on every step of the value chain: with the R&D team in headquarters in Bredebro, Denmark, on the first prototype; with our dedicated kids development team at our production unit in Sidoarjo, Indonesia, on samples and with sales across the world - not only to sell, but also for feedback to ensure the best possible products and range.

Men's and Women's Category Management

We are two multi-national teams working in a highly cross-functional environment, bringing together the sales teams’ design needs through the technical know-how of research and development.


We are a unit with the clear objective to maximise the consumer experience for all touch points of the Outdoor product category. We optimise our corporation by being a tight knit group with same aspirations of our end goal – products and experiences made for the elements.

Shoe Production

Across all shoe production units, we pride ourselves for our collective efforts to ensure quality shoes are produced consistently to position ECCO as a premium brand. Disciplined execution of tasks has always been the hallmark of shoe production units to support group level strategic focus areas.

Leather Production

ECCO Leather develops highly progressive leathers for ECCO shoes and some of the industry’s most iconic contemporary designers and brands. With a main tanning facility in The Netherlands, ECCO Leather also operates award-winning facilities across Europe, Southeast Asia and the Far East.



Accessories in ECCO is leather bags, small leather goods and clean, care and protect products, along with shoe related accessories such as shoe laces, socks and inlay soles. The team at ECCO Accessories is small but mighty. Being a small company makes it naturally difficult to work in silos why we have a flat structure where employees are empowered to make decisions and work together as one team.

Applied Research and Innovation Lab ECCO

Applied research is a network of innovative shoe and leather makers within the ECCO Group. Innovation Lab ECCO is an international team of industrial designers, researchers, engineers and futurists continuously seeking to disrupt and provide improvements for the footwear and leather industry.