Applied Research and Innovation Lab ECCO

Design our future

Applied research is a network of innovative shoe and leather makers within the ECCO Group, a group of cross-functional experts and doers spanning from technicians to scientists.

We believe in the ECCO values: Passion, Excellence, Care, Heritage and Innovation, and to make them an integral part of our life. We constantly strive to secure ECCO’s position as the best and most flexible manufacturer of high-quality shoes and leathers in the world.

Applied Research is located in headquarters in Denmark, in The Netherlands and in Switzerland, and we work with our partners across the world in all countries where ECCO is represented.

Innovation Lab ECCO is an international team of industrial designers, researchers, engineers and futurists continuously seeking to disrupt and provide improvements for the footwear and leather industry.

Innovation. This is what we believe in. Innovation that always builds upon our brand values and tradition. And we see ourselves as being the new frontiers of design and technology in ECCO. We constantly work to future-proof our brand and create unforgettable consumer journeys.

All of our work in the Innovation Lab ECCO is done at ECCO’s premises in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.