Shoe Production

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Across all shoe production units, we pride ourselves on our collective efforts to ensure quality shoes are produced consistently to position ECCO as a premium brand. Disciplined execution of tasks has always been the hallmark of shoe production units to support group level strategic focus areas.

We are passionate about our core business of quality shoe production. This is the main driving force in our continuous pursuit of excellence to ensure we deliver the products to our consumers in the most optimal manner to meet demands.

We are well known for DIP in shoe manufacturing and we are well positioned with machine and technological upgrades to cater to a collective production capacity of more than 20 million pairs annually.

Unlike other major shoe brands, we own almost the entire shoe manufacturing process. By doing so, we are able to address issues promptly in the most optimal manner without compromising quality.

Our shoe production headquarter is in Singapore, and in India we have satellite office. We have six shoe production factories in Portugal, Slovakia, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Vietnam respectively.