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Accessories in ECCO is split into two separate units: ECCO Accessories and ECCO Leather Goods, both focusing on delivering accessories for ECCO’s consumers.

Working for ECCO Accessories means to be experts on ones field as the organisation is lean and responsibilities broad. We are a small, but high performing team, international and diverse focusing on delivering the full potential of Shoe Related Accessories (SRA). Being a small team makes it naturally difficult to work in silos, which is why the organisation has a flat structure where employees are empowered to make decisions and work together as one team.

Focusing purely on delivering shoe related accessories the ECCO Accessories team works with all accessories one needs to clean, care, protect and accessorise ones shoe. All products are sourced externally to trusted suppliers, except for insoles which are made by ECCO’s own craftsmen in Asia. ECCO Accessories is located in Hünenberg in Switzerland. It is in the hearth of the country, close to mountains and the biggest city in Switzerland, Zürich.

Most of our team members within ECCO Leather Goods works out of the Dongen office in the Netherlands, but a few employees sit either out in the market or within the headquarters in Denmark in order to be more tightly integrated into the HQ functions. The move to Dongen was made in September 2019 to strengthen the ECCO Leather Unit positioning within the ECCO global family, as the office are now together with our tannery in the Netherlands and ECCO Leather. We cover a wide range of leather goods such as: bags, handbags, wallets, small leather goods and belts.

ECCO has released a collection of leather bags, upcycled from our tannery in the Netherlands. With leather stock from the tannery's innovation labs, the collection features a range of experimental structures, vivid and newly developed colours, and high-quality classic finishes. The collection shows ECCO's commitment to both leather innovation and a more sustainable production.