Design our future

Our Kids team is located in Toender, Denmark and we work closely together with other departments on every step of the value chain: with the R&D team in headquarters in Bredebro, Denmark, on the first prototype; with our dedicated kids development team at our production unit in Sidoarjo, Indonesia, on samples and with sales across the world - not only to sell, but also for feedback to ensure the best possible products and range.

“Nothing is compromised” - all ECCO Kids shoes are developed with the same innovative technology as other ECCO shoes. We are experts in children’s feet and believe that “ECCO Kids are the guardians of the little feet” and that the shoes are made to fit the foot.  Therefore we design to support natural growth and development of little feet.

Our kids shoes are crafted with care. We care about every little detail when crafting premium quality kids shoes and we ensure the best possible safety and protection for kids’ feet.

We are heading in two directions: we wish to keep and gain market share in the traditional kids footwear market in Europe as well as expand in Asia and the US. We are working on a range of “ECCO Compacts” - products that are inspired by our Women’s, Mens’ and Outdoor shoes - the older sister and brother of Kids’ shoes.

We believe in challenging the status quo in everything we do, to make the best possible shoes for kids all over the world. With new technologies and premium materials we wish to give parents the opportunity to choose the best for their kids.