Marketing & Communications

Get closer to our consumers
Our teams in Marketing and Communication recognise and value the importance of open and honest communication with our consumers, customers, suppliers, employees and other relevant stakeholders.

Since we own and operate the whole value chain there are so many stories to be told; from raw hides in our tanneries to the final product in stores. For more than 50 years this story has given us a unique position in the shoe industry and we will continue to share this message through our brand communication.
On a daily basis we aim to reach our stakeholders with guidance to give an honest and genuine picture of what the company stands for. Our values are our editorial guidelines in everything we do. Come join us on this authentic journey.
Our Global Marketing is located in Toender, Denmark, and works closely with Product and Marketing teams throughout the world to define the conceptual and strategic direction for campaigns throughout the year, setting the tone for the brand.
Group Corporate Communication is based in Bredebro, Denmark, and covers both internal and external communication. ECCO’s more than 21,000 employees are reached and updated via many different communication channels, e.g. intranet and company magazines. External communication plays a key role in how the general public as well as NGOs and media perceive the company.