A Classic is born

The late 60’s and the early 70's witnessed a major change: the arrival of synthetic fabrics. The popular knee-high tight boots, ECCO LongLegs for women, were made of synthetic materials.

Karl Toosbuy realised the importance of taking a number of strategic decisions to safeguard the company´s financial prospects and secure its position in future markets. 

In 1978 ECCO launched ECCO Joke, designed by Chief Designer Ejnar Truelsen. ECCO JOKE for both men and women was a variation of the original moccasin style and made from particularly soft skin. The ECCO JOKE design became ECCOs first classic shoe – and also the first shoe in the world where the logo was moulded into the sole. This generated considerable attention and was greatly beneficial in ECCO´s marketing, because the logo left an imprint in sand and soil across the world.