Career Development

Life at ECCO

At ECCO, personal and career development go hand in hand. We grow our people by providing rewarding challenges constantly. We believe in innovation, continuous improvement and life-long learning. It is our priority and our secret to success.

You grow with us and we grow because of you.

We own the whole value chain from raw hide to high street and operate on all continents except Africa. Our business setup provides you with a unique platform to experience different cultures, be exposed to multiple functions and grow on a local and global scale. Your ambition and growth has no limit at ECCO. 


No matter what your educational background is, there is always an opportunity to contribute while being challenged and developed. 

An informal motto at ECCO is to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. ECCO is a fun workplace, where curiosity and playfulness are appreciated. Constantly stretching boundaries and learning from experiments and failures are ECCO norm. If you are growth-minded and ready for change, then we are the right place for you.


ECCO is family-owned and CARE is one of our corporate values. We operate our business professionally and take care of our employees like we would family members. Leaders and colleagues assume the role of mentor and coach in formal and informal manners.

Regional Director of Greater China, Maggie Dong, was assigned to Amsterdam in The Netherlands before making the transition to the next level: “Moving to the global sales headquarters gave me the opportunity to work on a strategic level and in a multi-cultural environment. I was mentored and coached by my leaders. It made me understand the role in doing the same to my people in a tangible way. It transformed me professionally and personally,” she says.


In addition to the mentoring and coaching, we provide a formal academic education in cooperation of Nottingham Business School. The programme is tailor-made for ECCO’s business needs and provided to leaders and individual contributors at ECCO. Growing our employees wider and deeper with business relevance and generic academic underpinning makes it not only value-adding to ECCO but also the most innovative programme at Nottingham Business School.

Our Retail Academy and Leather Academy offer hands-on development programmes. The aim of the ECCO Retail Academy is to support our employees to deliver a world class consumer experience and of course support employee development throughout the retail organisation to secure personal and professional growth, as well as retain talent within the organisation. Our ECCO Leather Crash Course is a hands-on course taking place at our development tannery in The Netherlands. It gives you a chance to work with leather designers to make your own leather, from the theory behind leather tanning over conceptualisation to making your own leather. These are some of the many courses and development activities we offer.

ECCO has a place for everyone, from a newly graduate eager to launch the career to an experienced professional ready to take the next step. Your development is aligned with business goals through a structured annual performance review dialogue. It would be a pleasure to support you unleash and fulfil your potential.